Bronze Trench coat I POST I Minerva

I believe the trench coat to be a timeless piece and why not add a timeless piece to my wardrobe, in a totally opposite fabric than the first one...

Nan T-shirt by La Maison Victor I BERNINA Blog

Going nautical with this new tee called Nan by La Maison Victor. Read about the adjustments I made and some stripe matching tips...

Sage Blazer I POST I Minerva

This jacket was built like it was a LEGO project. A pretty mindful project I might add. It tested my patience, it piqued my curiosity about tailoring techniques, it dared me to...

Polka dot Puff sleeves I POST I Minerva

The Puff sleeve saga continues... I really love this romantic trend of puff sleeves and when a particular design like this grabs me I already think of ...

Two Piece Big Stripe Scuba Fun Dress | POST| Minerva

That colour scheme! Those stripes! And what do you say…it’s scuba stretch fabric….This has got my name written all over it. Wanna wanna wanna have it…

BLOG I De Lappenkraam - Oh deer

Blog is in Dutch, so go on hit that translate option... Made by Liesl.... en daar mag ze ongelooflijk trots op zijn want wát een ongelooflijke job heeft ze hier gedaan om haar Kerst-outfit in elkaar te naaien! Wij v

Another Lisette I POST I La Maison Victor

After the first Lisette I had to make another ... To view this post you have to register to the La Maison Victor site, a simple step and it's free ;-)

Lisette by La Maison Victor I BERNINA Blog

Blouse Lisette made with a men's shirt and lace curtain. Totally REFEBULOUS. Check out the blog here.. (Click to view in English in the blog)

REFASHION: Men’s shirt into a unique top I BERNINA Blog

Let's turn a preloved shirt into a unique top. Using some handprinted fabric by Pauline Greuell. Read about this refashion using most of the lovely shirt details.

BLOG I De Lappenkraam I Lente op de loer!

Blog is in Dutch, so hit translate😉 Hoe je van een (toch best wel) simpele mousseline een wow-effect creëert door een statement-mouw te naaien. Marlies laat je zien hoe...

REFEBULOUS week 3: Embroidered Thrift Shop Treasures BERNINA Blog

This #REFEBULOUS blog is about thrift shop treasures. I often wander around in a thriftschop and be drawn to lovely fabrics, patterns or unusual designs. In this case I found two lovely fake leather jackets. One had a good fit, but didn't have sleeves. The other too big and with sleeves.

Cream Check Coat I POST I Minerva

Click to view full post on my Minerva profile. If you click on the fabric link you'll get to see all my posts on this fabric, including some video's....Have fun, I did;-)

Re design: basic t-shirt turns statement piece I BERNINA Blog

Re design your basic t-shirt into a lovely top by adding statement sleeves in a gorgeous mesh. How? You'll read it in this blog.

Easy sustainable sewing projects I BERNINA Blog

Make you sewing (ehm, ironing) life easier (and more fun) making these lovely....(In Dutch)

#REFEBULOUS article - NL - La Maison Victor

An online interview about the #REFEBULOUS challenge featuring ... me😉😁. Sign or log in on the La Maison Victor website and read all about it.

#REFEBULOUS 2020 I Jeans Biker jacket I BERNINA Blog

I went for a scavengers hunt in my own house and found several pieces that I could use. It always is more than I need so...

Men's suit magic!

Turn a unloved suit into something new  (#therefashioners2017)  Nederlandse versie That's the challenge I encountered on Instagram a...

Celebratory liberation skirt! BERNINA Blog

This year on May 5 we celebrate 75 years of liberation. In The Netherlands we normally celebrate this with festivities and several festivals around the country. Due to Corona the celebration is very different. Many museums and social media accounts invited everyone to make a celebratory liberation skirt instead like as the were sewn after the war.

BLOG I De Lappenkraam I Liesl werkt thuis

Blog is in Dutch, so go on hit that translate option- Made by Liesl werkt veel thuis. Haar garderobe werd aangepast naar Comfy but...... still Stylish!

REFASHION: Three pieces into a snazzy two-piece!

Refashioning something that's inspired by... This years challenge from The Refashioners is  reimagining something that was once som...

Sew special accessories I BLOG I BERNINA

Behind this door is not one, but four projects linked to this year's theme: Christmas from the heart. Everyone prefers to celebrate Christmas with all their loved ones around them. And when they can't be there any more, it's nice to remember them in some way or other at Christmas.

Sequins Smokin' Jacket I BLOG I Minerva

I am ready for a glitter and glamour party with this multi-coloured smashing sequins smoking jacket and I might even...

Velvet Velour Victorian Top I BLOG I Minerva

Velvet velour is in fashion again. Yay! Just like when I was young. Me and my sisters all had velour sweaters. My brother too come to think of it.

Petrol Sirocco I BLOG I Minerva

Jumping on the Deer and Doe Sirocco jumpsuit train with my long-sleeved version.

Embroidered Chiffon Blazer I BLOG I Minerva

You might not necessarily think of making a blazer jacket out of mesh fabric. Well, I tend to bend ...

Perfect Summer Parka I BERNINA Blog

A summer parka, that's what I need. A jacket that is not too warm, water-repellent and...

Pretty Polka dot Circle Skirt I BLOG I Minerva

A full fifties circle skirt made with splendid Armani stretch satin fabric. Feeling like Julia Roberts...

Marvellous Mauve dress I BLOG I Minerva

Smitten was I when I saw this fabric on the Minerva site. Especially after seeing it being showed in the video.

Little Green Daisies Dress I BLOG I Minerva

You gotta just love this fabric. It is a medium weight cotton jersey, available in this green and also in coral, grey, turquoise and yellow. I had a difficult time...

Tie Dye suit I BLOG I Minerva

This tie dye suit is made of this absolutely gorgeous double gazed fabric! Perfect for.....

Turquoise Track Jacket I BLOG I Minerva

Sometimes those annoying adds popping up in your feed will inspire you, unconsciously. In this case..

Spotty Trench Coat I BLOG I Minerva

This fabric absolutely spoke to me. I love this pink and I’m a sucker for graphic design even as subtle as these little polka dots...

My story I BLOG I

My story. Behind the sewing machine... (In Dutch, so hit that translate option ;-)

Trench coat Kimono Dress I BLOG I Minerva

Yet another versatile piece. Is it a dress...a kimono or a trench coat? Decide for yourself here...

Aloha Leopard Dress I BLOG I Minerva

Judging from my wardrobe you could conclude that leopard is my favourite print. Add a little colour or flowers you’ve got yourself a winner. I just cannot resist...

'Turn heads' dress I BLOG I Minerva

How many heads do you see? Don’t you just love this Fabric? The print is a bit quirky with loads of colour so it’s a multi-combinable dress. This is my kinda fabric.

Geometric Flowers! I Blog:

This gorgeous jersey fabric is perfect for a two pieced dress. Read all about it in this blog (in Dutch)...

Kimono Dress I BLOG I Minerva

Don’t you just love a garment that is extremely versatile? I made just that! This long robe can be worn as a dress, be thrown over

Graphic Flower Dress I BLOGI Minerva

For anyone who knows me a little, it will not come as a surprise that I am smitten with this Fabric. I love black and white combinations and definitely in a graphic or floral print. And if this is

Freestyle Furry Colorblock I BLOG I Minerva

After making last year’s luxurious faux fur jacket I knew I had to make another one. It was my most worn piece last winter, sooooo..

Pretty in Pink with a Golden touch I BLOG I Minerva

If you need a touch of Gold in your wardrobe go check out this Rico Woven Cotton fabric in a cute pink with golden stripe print. Perfect for a fitted blouse with...

Twisted dress I BLOG I Minerva

Wow, did you see this floral Jersey Knit Fabric yet? In one of my favorite colors: rust! I’m excited to show you what I...

Luxurious Fur Jacket! I BLOG I Minerva

One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe in the winter is this me-made cosy and luxurious fur jacket...

Silky Pussy-Bow Blouse | Blog | Minerva

I am hooked on blouses with a pussy-bow! So I made another one. This time with a really big dramatic detachable bow...

Fast flirty frilly skirt! » BERNINA Blog

A flirty wrap skirt from the Inspiration with the addition of a frill that I designed myself. Do you want to know how I did that? Read this blog.

Three time's a charming blouse! » BERNINA Blog

Did you ever encounter a pattern that fits you so well you make it not once, not twice ... no three times in a row! Well this is a definete 'Oops, I did it again' kinda blouse.

Summerdress from lovely leftovers!

Do you also find it difficult to throw away the leftovers of that lovely fabric? I do! More than once it happened that when I throw it away...

Big shopper with big embroidery design BERNINA Blog

What started as a trial to try out a large embroidery design ended up as a big shopper. Logical?...

MadebyLIESL: 1 pattern, 2 coats....5 highlights

In deze video van MadebyLIESL zie je 5 hoogtepunten van het maken van deze twee trenchcoats met als basis hetzelfde Knipmode patroon. Het is trenchcoat uit K...

Back to (yoga)school: pouches! BERNINA Blog

Slowly preparations are being made for the new school year. Our youngest is going to high school and wanted a new pencil case. Scrolling through the ....(read more)(also in Dutch)

Upcycled Ties I BERNINA Blog

Three last minutes: Silk accessories! With only one more week to Christmas, why not enhance that one dress or beautiful […]

MadebyLIESL: How To work with sequins fabric!

In this video you see how to sew with sequins fabric. Removing sequins before sewing is an important step. Check it out!

Zomerse jumpsuits: zoek de verschillen! BERNINA Blog

(in Dutch) Ooit zei ik over een jumpsuit hoe onhandig ik ze vind op de wc en vooral omdat je het dan koud krijgt.... Nou, daar heb je met deze zomerse jumpsuits geen last van. Die draag ik alleen bij hoge temperaturen. En laat het nu juist deze zomer in Nederland tropisch zijn.

Minty Vintage Skirt!

Okay, okay... this fabric may not fit this time of year, but the color certainly does! I am excited about it. ...

A simple skirt with fabric magic and a blind hem >> BERNINA Blog

This skirt is a pretty simple one. It is my go to pattern for a pencil shaped skirt. I made a couple of those allready. Now I challenged myself a bit more by adding some pattern matching and a blind hem.

Fake snake leather blazer for Christmas? I BERNINA Blog

Is a fake snake leather blazer suitable for Christmas? I think so! Especially if it is combined with....

MADE BY LIESL: Bomberjacket made out of three garments!

This quick video shows the construction of the bomberjacket made for #therefashioners2018 #inspiredby. Three garments are turned into this jacket. Read how i...

REFEBULOUS week 4: Blanket turns to coat (free pattern) BERNINA Blog

This week's #REFEBULOUS theme is Large & Left over fabrics. Think blankets, curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc. and left over fabrics from your previous projects that you combine in a new item of clothing or project. The project that I'm sharing with you on the blog is...

Salopette met een twist » BERNINA Blog

(in DUTCH) Salopette Zo leuk dat je de salopette of tuinbroek/rok weer in het modebeeld ziet. Ik heb er jaren geleden heel […]

REFEBULOUS week 2: Refashion Tips I BERNINA Blog

Week 2 is about Suits&Ties. In this next blog in the #REFEBULOUS month I'm not sharing a new project, but I am sharing some of my best tips which I learned by refashioning suits. Did you miss the first two blogs?...

Cosy cardigan: Zebra meets Teddy. » BERNINA Blog

Zebra meets Teddy I was given the opportunity to select a fabric from a webshop. Often that is were my […]

made by LIESL - Sweet mix outfit ~ leren rok, oversized vest en sweaterblouse

(in Dutch) In deze Vlogtorial van Made by LIESL zie je hoe deze kleurrijke outfit tot stand komt. Ze maakt een lederlook overslagrok met paspelzakken, een super schatti...


I love quick little projects with fast results, but I can also really get my teeth into somewhat bigger and more complicated projects. Like...

Gouden Kringloopgeluk: Stropdas wordt stroptas! » BERNINA Blog

(in Dutch) Je hebt het vast al gezien: BERNINA heeft een feestjaar, BERNINA bestaat 125 jaar. Een jaar met een gouden randje […]

Fabrics shopping bag! » BERNINA Blog

Hopping on one of this Septembers sewingchallenges #sewyourselfsustainable I tried to make this totebag pretty sustainable.

made by LIESL: How to make a colorblocked t-shirt

In this video made by LIESL shows how you make this 'show-stopper- of a t-shirt. Lovely fabrics combinations, like a colorblocked t-shirt. Made by LIESL is a...

Customer Spotlight: made by LIESL | Wunderlabel Blog

“Receiving my first batch of LIESL labels from Wunderlabel I immediately thought: ‘Let’s create!’.”   Sewing extraordinaire, Marlies Witjes, ... read more

LIESL's Summer Wardrobe!

Sewing for the summer! Just one more week and then I'm going to enjoy my summer holiday! In the past couple of weeks I've been busy sewin...

Upcycle: Bomberjack » BERNINA Blog

(in Dutch) ‘Up|cycle    ~ing  [Oude en ‘onbruikbare’ materialen omtoveren tot iets wat weer waardevol is en vaak zelfs mooier dan voorheen. […]

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A recap of my Minervacrafts blogs!

One year anniversary! It was a 'busew' year! In which I wrote 13 blogposts for the Minervacrafts website. Such al lovely collaboration ...


(in DUTCH) Smocken wordt in deze tutorial uitgelegd door Marlies Witjes (knipster 2017), aka made by LIESL. Een techniek waarbij je stof mooi kan bewerken zodat het lij...

It’s Kimono Time! | Blog | Minerva Crafts

Don’t you just love a garment that is extremely versatile? I made just that! This long kimono can be worn as a dress, be thrown over a bikini at the beach or compliment a simple top and...